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Shenzhen LANTAISI Technology Co., Ltd. has been audited as Apple member MFI certified manufacturer. At the same time, we are WPC and USB-IF member manufacturer. Most of our wireless charger have passed QI, MFI, CE, FCC, RoHS certification.

  • MFI Certificate
  • QI  Certificate
  • CE Certificate
  • FCC Certificate
  • RoHS Certificate

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  • The Long distance wireless charger developed by LANTAISI has been on sale

      Wireless charging in its current form is only moderately more convenient than simply plugging in your devices every time they need to power up. You don’t have to fuss with cables that could break and ports that might get clogged with pocket lint, but because the device needs to continuousl...

  • The future is wireless

    ——An interview with the President of the wireless Power Consortium     1. A:The battle for wireless charging standards, Qi prevailed. What do you think is the key reason for winning? Menno:Qi prevailed for two reasons.   1)Created by companies with experience in bringing wireless c...

  • What are the benefits of wireless charging?

    One of the things we hear the most after consumers use Qi wireless charging for the first time is, “it’s so simple” or “how did I go without wireless charging before?” Most people don’t realize the convenience of wireless charging until they use it throughout their daily life. Have you ever expe...